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The original the best and the most copied antennas in Australia

Designing and Manufacturing Antennas since 1973  Information

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Why You!  -  Should Buy   -  Mobile One Australian Made Antennas!

  1. Mobile One antennas are all made here at our factory at NSW.
  2. Mobile One is a small company that has plenty of time for our customers.
  3. Mobile One since 1973 are designers of many of the original CB antennas
  4. Mobile One antennas are designed for best performance.
  5. Mobile One offer a 5 Year Warranty on all of our antennas.
  6. Mobile One antennas are made with Australian fiberglass.
  7. Mobile One supports many other local manufacturing businesses.

Mobile One Also has a selection of USED

27Mhz HF Mobile CB Radios

477Mhz UHF Mobile CB Radios

477Mhz UHF Portable CB Radios

120Mhz Airband Portable Radios

Base / Mobile / Hand Held - Scanners