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From > Allan @ Canberra

I contacted Greg regarding problems with the AMFM radio in my Toyota Prado and the solution was to fit an external antenna to the vehicle. Since fitting the radio has been perfect, and all the annoying noise has been eliminated.

From > Norm @ Rossmore NSW

I have brought the following from Mobileone.

A small whip antenna for my uniden scanner, custom made for 410 to 430 mhz and a Ground Plane Base Station kit custom tuned for 410 to 430 MHz, with 10 metres of cable with all the correct fittings connected including several adaptor fittings.
All the above equipment is of great quality and have improved reception by 100%. I have dealt with several antenna companies over the last 30 years and I have found Greg’s service to be above and beyond all others. Greg is always willing to take phone calls and answer any questions I may have. He can identify any fittings by photo and can tell you exactly what you need and I have received items ordered promptly within 3 days

I can highly recommend Mobileone antennas.

From > Matt VK2BAI 

 I’m just so sick of low quality Chinese rubbish being used for amateur radio. Incorrect threads, stainless that “rusts” in 3 months (i.e. it’s not stainless) and damage to my radio connectors. I’m sick if poor quality that adds to RF losses, setup problems and restricting good radio contacts.
It’s great to see an Aussie company making great antennas, using quality materials that work first time. Greg gets to the point, helps with the right selection and then has product it in your hands in 1-2 days. Now that's a top service. And when it arrived, it was packaged well and worked first time.
All the screws fitted with precision and I had my 80 meter mobile setup ready quickly. The best part is that I had to make some adjustments to the length of screw on the SAM base (mine was a custom setup) – I cut it to a shorter length and saw that inside the materials are still top quality.
The screws are all stainless as well – no shortcuts. So, if your tempted to buy cheap, just don't waste your time. Use Mobile One, support Australia and reap the signal benefits yourself.

From >Jimmy @ Jimboomb  

 "I Just got back from a 2 week trip through Queensland, out nearly to birdsville pub to charters towers back in and home to jimboomba. We had some sort of radio coverage just about every where we went and in the coastal areas more coverage than I've ever had before. Very happy with the WPM160 AM/FM kit unit as supplied”

From >Dylan @ Bendigo

“The performance of the CBD120 Airband Base Antenna is outstanding. My expectations have been totally exceeded. Crisp clear reception and I’m picking up ground based aircraft as well (which was a bit of a pipe dream initially). Couldn’t be happier”

From >Curtis @ Warwick Qld

"Was astounded when my mobile one CP476S a 1.5 metre UHF aerial on my 4x4 was clearer and picked up more channels than my GME base station aerial at 32ft high- just shows the quality and precision in the Mobileone products- would highly recommend"

From >Craig @ Woronora NSW

Just wanted to say thank you to Greg for his help & advice recently when I purchased a 9 foot DX9AS stainless steel 27 Mhz whip & other radio accessories from Mobile One. I am extremely happy with the products & service. My antenna has a perfect SWR & is performing wonderfully. I appreciated him passing on his many years of knowledge & expertise in radio communication. I look forward to my next radio project, where I will definitely be in touch again with Mobileone.

From >Rod @ Beaconsfield Qld

I recently purchased a M160 AMFM radio antenna kit which Greatly improved my reception. Shout out to Greg for the quick service and great packaging of the antenna. I highly recommend Mobile Ones service and products.

From >Shane @ Northdown Tas

Just back in communication range after 4 days camped up a mountain. We are currently touring Tassy and have subjected the M140 AM/FM aerial to both mountainous and coastal terrains. The set up is working just fine. I was still getting ’static’ after tightening the base grub screws on the BMS so decided to attach an earth lead to the aerial base and connect it directly to the chassis. Problem solved! I suspect the after market twin coats of a heavy polymer to the cars paintwork restricted the grub screw penetration to bare base metal. I had tightened the screws until the metal support structure was bending. Didn’t want to proceed to separation point! Anyway, more than happy with the aerial’s performance.

From >Will @ Toowoomba Qld

Hey Greg just wanted to say after a couple of weeks using my new SMASCAN antenna you made me I’m absolutely loving it, works a treat!  The amount of stuff I am picking up is a huge improvement to the stock one!

From >Tim @ Gold Coast Qld

"I can highly recommend Mobile One antennas for your communication needs. In my situation, I purchased an antenna for a handheld scanner device, and are very impressed with the quality of manufacture as well as for the overall gain in reception. Being Australian made was important to me, and with MobileOne's reputation, was a no-brainer in terms of a purchase decision. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a high-quality antenna across a wide range of applications".